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The neoMOS ultrashort pulse laser series combines the reliability and low maintenance of state of the art fiber oscillators with a solid-state amplifier. The ultra-compact laser head has the smallest footprint currently available and enable easy system integration. High stability and long lifetime are provided by design for 24/7 industrial use. The multi-megawatt level peak-power and ultrafast pulses delivered by the neoMOS series are suitable for processing the most demanding materials including transparent glasses and plastics. Typical applications include photovoltaic and electronics production, display glass processing as well as security and decorative marking.

Model Pulse durations Output Power Pulse energy Rep. rates Beam quality
neoMOS 2ps <2ps 5W up to 30uJ @1064nm Single shot to 25MHz TEMoo M2<1.3
neoMOS 10ps <10ps 7/25/50W up to 150uJ @1064nm Single shot to 40MHz TEMoo M2<1.3
neoMOS 70ps <70ps 15W up to 250uJ @1064nm Single shot to 80MHz TEMoo M2<1.3
neoMOS 700fs <700fs 10W up to 40uJ @1030nm Single shot to MHz TEMoo M2<1.3

Wuhan Huaray Precision Laser Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of DPSS Lasers, which specializes in R & D and production of all solid-state lasers. The full series of Huaray lasers have fully independent intellectual property rights.

Model Wavelength Pulse durations Output Power Rep. rates Beam quality
Poplar-355-3 355nm <20ns @ 40kHz >3W @40kHz 20kHz-200kHz TEMoo(M2≤1.2)
Poplar-355-5 355nm <18ns @40kHz >5W @40kHz 20kHz-200kHz TEMoo(M2≤1.2)
Poplar-355-12 355nm <15ns @80kHz >12W @80kHz 50kHz-200kHz TEMoo(M2≤1.2)
Poplar-355-18 355nm <15ns @60kHz >18W @60kHz 50kHz-200kHz TEMoo(M2≤1.2)
Spruce-532-10 532nm <20ns @50kHz >10W @50kHz 20kHz-200kHz TEMoo(M2≤1.2)
Spruce-532-20 532nm <20ns @50kHz >20W @50kHz 20kHz-200kHz TEMoo(M2≤1.2)
Spruce-532-35 355nm <20ns @60kHz >35W @60kHz 50kHz-200kHz TEMoo(M2≤1.2)
Olive-532-4 532nm <10ps >4W @100kHz 50kHz-300kHz TEMoo(M2≤1.2)
Olive-532-15 532nm <10ps >15W @300kHz 100kHz-500kHz TEMoo(M2≤1.2)
Olive-1064-10 1064nm <10ps >10W @500kHz 50kHz-1000kHz TEMoo(M2≤1.2)
Olive-1064-30 1064nm <10ps >30W @500kHz 1Hz-1000kHz TEMoo(M2≤1.3)
Olive-1064-50 1064nm <10ps >50W @500kHz 200kHz-1000kHz TEMoo(M2≤1.3)
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